Membership Campaign

The Kinderhook Fire Department has a long history of providing emergency services and assistance within our fire district and the adjoining communities. The men and women who respond for the Kinderhook Fire Department take pride in helping their neighbors whenever and wherever they are needed.
  • Fact: The reliance on community fire departments continues to rise, yet the number of responding volunteer firefighters is on the decline. So the question remains:

    "Will we have enough firefighters to handle emergencies when called?"
In response, the Kinderhook Fire Department is sounding a Recruitment Alarm. Like many fire departments in the Capital District, we need to increase our membership to respond to fire calls and other emrgencies. Membership is made up of people like you, that live or work in the Kinderhook Fire District or adjoining communities and are willing to join other dedicated men and women volunteer firefighters who proudly serve this community.

Join the Kinderhook Fire Department and receive free training in any of these vital positions: Interior Firefighter, Exterior Firefighter, Apparatus Driver/Pump Operator, Fire Police. If you are at least 18 year old, get the training that is best suited to you and respond with us!

To apply for membership in the Kinderhook Fire Department, download an "Application for Membership" and send the completed form (with the required $10 application fee) to: Palmer Engine & Hose Co., P.O. Box 191, Kinderhook NY 12106.

Please take a few moments to explore our web site and then consider volunteering.

Our community needs YOU!
We need YOU!

Volunteer today!

Last Modified: December 5, 2014