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The Kinderhook Hook and Ladder Company

August 13, 1864, the Trustees of the Village in response to a petition, organized this Company and issued certificates of membership to: Barent Van Alstyne, Isaac V. A. Snyder, Eugene L. Hover, George C. Patterson, Samual C. Hulburt, Lorenzo Humphrey, Thomas J. Wiley, William H. Rainey, Peter V. S. Pruyn, James V. A. Hover, John A. Van Bramer, Franklyn Risedorph, E. Ten Broeck, and Calvin Ackley. At the first meeting of the Company, September 9, Mr. Rainey was elected Foreman; Messrs. Snyder and Hulbert, Assistant Foreman; J. A. Van Bramer, Treasurer and C. Ackley, Secretary. In addition to charter members named we find the following signers of the Constitution adopted in December, '64: John Van Alen, David H. Oakes, George Reynolds, W. B. Howland, James H. Hover, Lewis Ritz, Augustus Wynkoop, P. S. Hoes, J. A. Reynolds, W. G. Hallenbeck, G. Murrell, Theodore Stickles, W. B. Mix, and Frank Bray. These were subsequent additions to the first fourteen names.


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A little later we note the names: Frank Van Santvoord, Edward A. Thomas, Loren H. Gould, Edward M. Knapp, Manton Van Schaack, A. H. Farrar, F. L. Mix, D. C. Covert, W. B. Mix, Tunis Devoe, Charles W. Rainey, F. Decker, C. F. Cook, G. Mandeville, Pruyn Wilcoxson.

Company meetings were regularly held once a month and their Minutes down to 1882, with those of occasional meetings thereafter are before us. A system of fines, ranging from ten cents for absence from a meeting to one dollar for failure to be present at a fire, proved very successful. The fines were numerous and by slow accumulation, wise administration, and added interest have amounted to a considerable fund. We note the statement January 1, 1910, that $948.45 were on deposit in a Savings Bank. It need not be said that the Hook and Ladder Company was always prompt in responding to occasional calls for service and has rendered much effective aid.

We have been especially pleased to note this record under date of July 5, 1874, written by the "Colonel" himself, that at the burning of C. L. Herrick's barn on the Valatie road between one and two am., "the H. & L. Co. repaired to the scene and by their aid the hog pen was saved while all the other buildings burned entirely down." Death and removal have now reduced the Company to but four honored veterans. Recently these survivors presented the Village with a chemical engine.

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