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The Palmer Engine and Hose Company

This was organized February 9, 1883, and named in honor of Charles Palmer, for many years the efficient head of our Fire Department.

The charter members and first officials were: Richard Hallenbeck, Foreman; Edward Thomas, 1st Assistant; Robert Connor, 2nd Assistant; Charles F Richelieu, Secretary; George H. Brown, Treasurer. August W. Bauer, Ellsworth S. Brown, William Birckmayer, George Trimper, Thomas L. Griffin, Wintworth Ball, Frank S. Hoag, Edward Sharp, Henry Beer, John Reed, Frank Ball, and Charles Richelieu.


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During the thirty years since its organization its service to the community has been exceptionally valuable on many occasions. the present officers are (March, 1913): President, Robert F. Avery; Vice-President, Clarence Coons; Secretary, William A Roraback; Treasurer, Bertram A. Hull. The Trustees are: Harald Birkmayer, Charles A. Sickles, James E. Van Alstyne, Edward Risedorph, and Robert F. Avery. Foreman, Frank Heeney; 1st Assistant, John T. Hickey; 2nd Assistant, Clarence Sharp; Engineer, George B. Wilkins; Fireman, Clinton Fowler, Jr.; Fire Chief William C. Hover; 1st Assistant, James E. Van Alstyne; 2nd Assistant, Clarence Coons.

The parlors of this Company, fitted up in excellent style in Village Hall, and provided with current literature, a billiard table, a pianola piano (since exchanged for a grafonola), and other means of diversion, are much frequented, and are measurably, at least, a counter attraction to that of perilous resorts.

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