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Kinderhook 35-1 Assists the Middleburgh FD during the flooding aftermath of Hurricane Irene....

The Kinderhook Fire Department was contacted at approximately 19:30 on Tuesday 8/30 by the Columbia County Fire Coordinator's Office and asked to supply an engine and a crew of  4 Interior qualified firefighters.  Engine 35-1 left the Kinderhook firehouse at 20:10 with Chief Pete Hunter, 2nd Assistant Chief Larry Eisen, Captain Matt Cohn and President Chuck Rothermel and arrived at the Columbia County Emergency Operations Center at 20:30.  35-1 departed at 20:30 for the Cobleskill Fair Grounds where the State Emergency Management Operations (SEMO) had established a staging area.  35-1 arrived at the fair grounds at midnight and after picking up Meals Read to Eat (MRE's) and bottled water were assigned to the Middleburgh Fire Department.  35-1 arrived at the Middleburgh firehouse at 00:30 on 8/31.  35-1 started it's assignment as First Due Engine/Fire Suppression at 08:00 on 8/31.  At 08:30 35-1 was dispatched to an indoor smoke investigation/possible electrical fire at Lenny's Tire Service.  35-1 returned to the Middleburgh firehouse at 09:00 and attended a briefing session.  At 10:30 on 8/31, 35-1 was dispatched to fully involved barn fire.  35-1 remained on scene for 4 hours before being relieved by Germantown units.  Upon return to the Middleburgh firehouse, 35-1 was refueled and spent the next 2 hours cleaning and repacking hose that had been used at the barn fire.  At 17:45, 35-1 was released, and returned to Kinderhook arriving at the Kinderhook firehouse at 19:00.  At 19:30 KFD was dispatched to an AA/PI at the Kinderhook firehouse.

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