To date, we have answered  64  alarms in 2024
(In 2023, we answered 94 alarms)

Just ONE of the Million Jobs to do in a Fire House

The Kinderhook Fire Department has a long history of
providing emergency services and assistance within our
fire district along with assisting adjoining communities.

Our members take pride in helping their neighbors and community,  whenever and wherever our assistance is needed.

The Kinderhook Fire Department also provides medical first responder assistance for all "Echo-Level" (Cardiac Arrest) calls within our fire district.

Upcoming Items of Interest

New Membership Campaign

The Kinderhook Fire Department is actively looking for New members.

Like most volunteer fire departments in the Capital District, we need to increase our membership to enable us to better respond to fire calls and other emergencies within our community. More Info ...

Last Modified: July 7, 2024